Tracey Emin and William Blake in Focus

Tate Liverpool’s latest exhibition, Tracey Emin and William Blake in Focus looks at the work of artists Tracey Emin (b. 1963) and William Blake (1757 – 1827). The exhibition will reveal unexpected links between the two artists in a free display of contrasting works from the Tate collection. Both artists’ work show a concern with spirituality, birth and death.

Tracey Emin’s ‘My Bed’ 1998, one of Britain’s most renowned artworks of the past 20 years will be at the heart of the display, in the north for the first time. The work features the artist’s own bed with stained sheets and personal objects and offers an unflinching self-portrait in which the artist herself is absent. This work will feature alongside drawings by Emin presented alongside British poet and artist William Blake. Presented in the context of Emin’s empty bed, and symbolising the absent figure, works include The Blasphemer c.1880 and The Crucifixion: ‘Behold Thy Mother’ c.1805 and other figurative works.

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