10 Tips For Successful Remote Meetings

Remote meetings have never been more important, especially in the current climate. Our Head of Business Tourism, Jennifer Jensen, has put together her top 10 tips to ensure your remote meetings are a success!

There’s no substitute for meeting in person, but in the current situation we all need to adapt – there is plenty of remote video software to choose from, such as Zoom and Google Hangouts. It’s probably best to decide beforehand which system you’ll be using, this will then save time when it comes to the remote meeting.


Before the meeting even kicks off there are a number of things you can do to ensure it’s a success.

1 – Do you really need the meeting at all?

If you’re just giving out information perhaps it’s better done via email or WhatsApp. Think about the reason for your meeting before setting it up.

2 – Is everyone aware of the purpose of the meeting?

What’s the goal? Are the right people on the call to help achieve this goal? This will help you keep focused on what the discussion is about.

3 – Check all equipment in advance to make sure it works.

Particularly important if you are the organiser of the meeting! Circulate the login details to everyone.

4 – Make an agenda and stick to it!

Make sure everyone has an opportunity to contribute to the agenda in advance and that different people can lead on it.

5-  Nominate somebody to make notes of the action points.

This is particularly important if anything needs to be followed up afterwards.


6 – Ask participants to mute their microphone.

It’s always good to mute your microphone as soon as you start a call. If you don’t, you can end up with background noise when someone is speaking making it difficult for attendees to hear what is going on.

7 – Put a time limit on the meeting.

The free version of Zoom is helpful for this as it only allows a maximum of 40 minutes per call. If you think your meeting will be longer than this it might be worth breaking it down into smaller, more focussed sessions.

8 – Ensure people can interact during the call.

It’s difficult to ask questions on a multi-user call without ending up talking over people. Consider using an in-built chat tool on the video conferencing site. If it doesn’t have one then why not set up a sli.do so people can ask questions? This worked well on an interactive webinar I attended last week.

9 – Be sensitive!

Some people don’t like talking on the phone, or feel uncomfortable on a video call. Perhaps ask for contributions in advance so those who aren’t happy speaking can still provide their insights and ideas.


10 – Circulate the action points as soon as possible.

This is always useful to ensure the momentum from the meeting isn’t lost. Include a scheduled follow up meeting date/time if necessary.

Relax and congratulate yourself for running a quality meeting from the comfort of your own home! Share your tips with us over on our Twitter – @meetliverpool.


This blog has been written by Jennifer Jensen, Head of Business Tourism at Marketing Liverpool.

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