Liverpool Convention Bureau’s 30 Days of Wellness in September

A graphic of the 30 days of wellness calendar

This September the Liverpool Convention Bureau is completing 30 days of wholesome activity between our first industry trade show – Confex – and our second show back – The Meetings Show. 

The activity is themed around the environment, health and wellbeing and kindness. The events industry is one of the most stressful industries to work in and now more than ever, it’s important to ensure that we all look after our physical and mental health. Whilst looking after ourselves is important, so too is looking after our environment and the places we spend time in.

We’ve themed the five weeks of September and selected activities for the team to complete each day, with the goal of creating some healthy new habits.

Week one begins on Wednesday 1st September and is themed ‘Environment.’ Week two is ‘health’, followed by ‘Pay it forward.’ Week four coincides with Eventwell’s ‘self care week’ and our final week is ‘Work Life Balance.’

Follow our activities below or download our calendar where you can tick off each activity within your team, or even every activity just on your own. 

Week 1


Essential to healthy living and a sustainable world is a clean environment. We start our 30 days of activity with some suggestions on how you can help care for the environment.

Wednesday 1st September

Head to work via public transport, cycle or walk! 

Two red double decker buses pass eachother on a busy street in London

One full double decker bus can take as many as 75 cars off the roads, which means less pollution and less congestion for everyone. A number of cities now have emission free transport options including e-scooters and bike hire. Why not give it a try? 

Thursday 2nd September


Recyclable items held around the table

Over 300 million tons of plastic are produced every year. Half of this is used for single-use items such as shopping bags, cups and straws. Eliminate single use plastic for one day. Examples of how to cut-out single use plastic include; carrying your own reusable shopping bag, use water fountains and a reusable water bottle, carry your own stainless steel travel mug for that morning coffee – some coffee shops even offer a discount if you bring your own reusable mug. 

Friday 3rd September

Go Vegan for One Day

A lady stands outside a colourful food truck wearing a green apron.

There are so many environmental benefits to going vegan. Cutting greenhouse gas emissions, preventing extinction of species, reducing energy consumption and reducing air pollution are just a few. For a full list of 17 environmental benefits of veganism, check out this article on 

Saturday 4th September

Use less water

A tap being switched off

Using less water diverts less waters from our rivers, bays and estuaries, keeping the environment healthy. You will have seen when staying in hotels before, that you are encouraged to reuse your towels to save water. Other ways to save water are simple. Turn the tap off when brushing your teeth and take a shower instead of a bath! 

Sunday 5th September 

Upcycle something you were going to throw away

Small toilet roll holder tubes with baby plants in

Upcycling your clothes not only saves money, but it also means less water usage, fewer chemicals and fewer carbon emissions which are used in creating new clothes. 

Perhaps you have an old suit that could be upcycled to match current fashion, or a pair of jeans that could be turned into a bucket hat or bag! 

Week 2 is all about looking after ourselves and our health. 

Monday 6th September

Drink more water and cut down on caffeine

A metal water bottle and a glass water bottle

Drinking water has major health benefits. Water carries nutrients and oxygen to your cells, meaning clearer, healthier hair and skin.

Caffeine can increase anxiety and interfere with our sleep. If you have 4 coffees a day, try just 3. Or try cutting out fizzy drinks that contain caffeine.

Tuesday 7th September

Cook a meal from scratch 

fresh ingredients and a note book on a worktop

Scrap the ready meals and meal deals days for a day. Try cooking a meal from scratch! Processed foods tend to contain less nutrients. One day opt for fresh or try batch cooking and freeze what you don’t use. That way there’s no preservatives and no plastic waste, a win for your health and a win for the environment!

Wednesday 8th September

Try a new exercise

Ladies in brightly coloured gym wear on exercise steps

There’s no denying that exercise is great for your physical and mental health. It helps with weight management, improves brain and memory function and helps in reducing feelings of anxiety and depression. 

Try starting your day with a 30 minute blast and revel in the endorphins!

Thursday 9th September 

Go to bed early – without your phone! 

A person lying on their bed in the dark with a book and a small lamp

It is advised that healthy adults need around 7 and 9 hours sleep a night. How often do you sit in bed on your phone scrolling endlessly before you realise it’s gone midnight? Try to get your 7 to 9 hours in by heading to bed earlier or without your phone. 

Friday 10th September

Take a walk somewhere new

A large lake and trees

In lockdown we all realised the beauty of the outdoors. Our daily walk was almost all we had to look forward to! Lets not forget the joy and the health benefits of a daily walk. Take a trip to a local park, nature reserve, beach or even just walk a route you’d normally drive or take public transport on. 

Saturday 11th September

Try meditation 

Headspace orange and yellow

It seems like as the world recovers from the impacts of COVID-19 and things seem to be returning ‘normal’, our lives are once again becoming hectic. It is important to take a few moments for yourself from time to time and to ground yourself. 

Apps like Headspace offer a great introduction to daily meditation. Their ‘basic’ introduction offers guided sessions from 1 to 10 minutes long. 

Sunday 12th September

Meet a friend 

There’s nothing better than catching up with a friend. Whether you decide to take a walk, visit your favourite store, hit the gym or go out for lunch; doing something both you and your friend enjoy together is great for the mind! 

Onto our third week of September, our theme is ‘Pay it forward.’ – This week is all about kindness. 

Monday 13th September

Donate to a local charity 

Donate to charity

If you’ve unwanted clothes, books, accessories or even furniture, instead of throwing them straight to landfill take a look at local charities who are accepting items. Charities nearby will have drop off stores and some will collect larger items such as furniture and appliances. 

Tuesday 14th September 

Buy extra and donate to a food bank 

Tins and jars of food in a cardboard box

When you’re doing your weekly food shop, collect an additional item to drop in the local food bank collection point normally located near the exit of your store. Some food banks will have shortages of certain items, so perhaps check if they need anything in particular before you begin your shop. 

Wednesday 15th September 

Support a local business 

A little red heart with 'love' written on it, held in two hands.

If you’re heading for your morning coffee, why not head to a local independent store instead of a larger chain? Supporting a local business doesn’t have to cost money. Share their page or their posts on your social media accounts, recommend them or introduce them to a friend or colleague. 

Thursday 16th September 

Compliment someone 

Saying something nice costs nothing and it might just make someone’s day! 

Friday 17th September 

Random act of kindness 

A person taps a debit card onto a card machine with a coffee in front of them

Random acts of kindness can be simple. Whether you take in an extra cupcake for your colleague, mow your neighbours lawn or pay for someone’s lunch, a little bit of kindness goes a long way. 

Saturday 18th September

Cook something for a neighbour or a friend 

Freshly made cookies on a wire cooling rack

If you’re cooking a bolognese, pasta bake, chili, cookies, muffins or a cake. Make an extra batch or halve your batch and pass some to a friend or neighbour – it might just be exactly what they need!

Sunday 19th September

Lend a hand 

A group of people hand over a box of food

Something as small as collecting a prescription, picking up a food shop can help busy friends, relatives or neighbours have some time to themselves. Even visiting to help a friend or neighbour with a quick tidy round the house or doing the dishes. 

This next week is ‘Self Care’ in line with EventWell. This week is all about taking care of your own mental health. 

Monday 20th September

Try Yoga

A lady doing yoga with a curly dog on her back

Yoga can help us manage stress, relax and sleep better as well as aiding strength and flexibility. If you don’t feel like heading to a class for your first time, there are a number of YouTube guided flows or apps you can use.

Tuesday 21st September

Read a book from your favourite author 

Lady reading a book on the grass

Fiction books can offer great escapism from our busy, everyday lives. Reading can help develop vocabulary, improve brain connectivity, reduce stress and has so many more benefits. Instead of scrolling on your phone for an hour after work, before bed or on your break, read a book! 

Wednesday 22nd September

Call a friend or family member

A man on FaceTime

Call someone to chat about your day, share funny stories or discuss that book you’ve started reading. Staying connected with family and friends is important for us all. They offer our support network and help us feel confident. Organise to call them after dinner or on the commute home. 

Thursday 23rd September 

Try out a new hobby

A lady working on a piece of wood in a workshop

Remember being a kid and you wanted to play football, take dance lessons, be part of the Brownies or Scouts and attend swimming lessons too? As we grow up, our hobbies tend to take a back seat or disappear completely. It is important that we remember to spend time doing things we enjoy. 

Look up some local 5 a side teams, adult dance classes or nearby workshops.

Friday 24th September

Eat your 5 a day!

Lots of colourful fruit and vegetables

The World Health Organisation recommends that we should eat 400g of fruit and vegetables a day to help reduce serious health problems. We know 5 fruit and veggies a day sounds a lot, but 400g sounds way doable! 

Chopped fruit can be a refreshing afternoon snack. Prepare some berries or veggies the night before and take them to work the next day for a dose of vitamins and minerals! 

Saturday 25th September

Have a day without social media

A bronze statue with people walking in front towards the beach

Social Media can be consuming. We can fall into traps of comparing ourselves to others or getting bogged down in news stories that are constantly appearing in our feeds. For one day, stay off social media for an entire day. See how much extra time you have to chat with friends, read that book, take a walk or learn a new skill! 

Sunday 26th September

Watch your favourite film

A lady watching a movie

A Sunday well spent brings a week of content and they’re meant to be a day of rest so? Get some snacks and your favourite film on for the ultimate day of rest and recuperation, ready for the week ahead. 

Our final week of September is focussing on Work and Life and staying motivated. 

Monday 27th September

Declutter your workspace

A very tidy and modern work desk

Tidy desk, tidy mind is what they say. Keeping your desk organised and tidy can help aid focus and help us to stay on task. It can help us feel motivated when we look at our sparkling, organised workspace.

Tuesday 28th September

Create a concentration playlist

A lady sitting on the couch with earphones on

Get in the zone and create a motivational playlist to help you get through that report, your bursting inbox or research. Just don’t forget your earphones if you’re not working alone…

Wednesday 29th September

Take regular breaks 

A person stands with a drink away from their laptop wearing a mustard yellow jumper.

Sitting in the same spot all day can cause fatigue and restlessness. Take regular breaks throughout the day including at lunch time, take a walk and try to avoid eating your lunch at your desk or workspace. 

Thursday 30th September

Meet your industry friends!

The Liverpool Convention Bureau team stand at a table surrounded by women. There is a huge pink 'Liverpool' superhero graphic.

Whether you are attending the Meetings Show – like us! – or not this time, it can be super motivating to meet up with industry colleagues. Chat to us about all the activities you did in September.

We’ll be documenting our September activities on social media so follow us at @Meetliverpool on Twitter! 

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