Becoming an Ambassador is a tremendously rewarding experience, both personally and professionally. Creating the impetus or influence to bring a major conference or event to the City can enable you to showcase your or your organisation’s expertise but it can also generate significant economic benefit to the City in building its reputation and success as a world class destination for conferences and events.

At a personal and professional level, you will be able to:

Boost your professional reputation on a national or global scale.
Be recognised as a leading light in your field of expertise
Impact decision making on conference themes/programmes
Promote your own work amongst influential peers.
Network with an influential group from a wide sphere of sectors in the city
Widen your knowledge about Liverpool and its growth plans
Gain personal satisfaction in knowing you have made a difference

Your organisation and the city itself will also benefit by:

Demonstrating the research/work of you, your department and your organisation.
Promoting Liverpool as an event destination with world class credentials
Making a positive economic impact on the city and being recognised for doing so
Establishing a platform for research projects and international collaboration
Supporting Liverpool’s inward investment strategy

‘Being part of the ambassador’s programme allows you to more formally connect with all the help that’s available in the city for hosting events, and lets others see how fantastic the city is’

John Hunt, Professor of Clinical Sciences, University of Liverpool


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