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Liverpool City Region's Core Strengths: Knowledge Quarter

Knowledge Quarter, Liverpool

It’s all about the perfect fit

Just like a pair of jeans or shoes, an event and its destination should be the perfect fit.

We feel we’re pretty good at a fair few things here in Liverpool City Region, and our track record of attracting events in these sectors is pretty good too.

We’ve welcomed everyone from the European Association for International Education (EAIE), to The Union World Conference on Lung Health, the Royal College of Nursing through to Renewable UK, Manufacturer Live to Global Greens, International Business Festival to Labour Party Conference.

But you might ask – what makes us so special?

Well, not to boast BUT…we are the largest wealth management centre outside of London, a Designated Centre of Financial Excellence for financial services and have 17,000 businesses employing over 250,000 qualified professionals.

We are pioneering in life sciences with the most specialist’s hospitals and health centres in the UK outside of London, over 8,000 core life science students and we have the largest concentration of bio-manufacturing in Europe.

We are making a difference in the energy sector with the first deployment of the world’s largest offshore wind turbines, 1,400 low carbon businesses and £4.3bn invested in energy projects in 5 years.

We’re revolutionary, thanks to be being home to the largest supercomputing facility for industrial applications in the UK, and of course known as the home of JLR – which makes 250,000 cars here every year.

We’re also pretty good at tech – our growth significantly exceeds Birmingham, Bristol and Leeds, plus we have a 22% increase in digital businesses growth AND 29% increase in digital businesses count; go us!

And we can’t forget our maritime industry. Liverpool City Region is home to Centres of Excellence in sensors, oceanography, engineering and renewables, many of the world’s major shipping lines have HQ’s here. Did you know that 60% of the UK container market is closer to Liverpool than the south?

All wrapped up in a fantastic compact city with excellent transport links, plenty of beds, an excellent downtime offer for delegates, UNESCO listed waterfront, oh and a UNESCO City of Music crown!

It’s always nice to be able to button up those jeans isn’t it.

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