EuCheMS Chemistry Congress comes to Liverpool in August

EuCheMS is the European Association for Chemical and Molecular Sciences and will be hosting their next conference at ACC Liverpool from 26th-30th August.  

This Congress will support the advancement of scientific knowledge, bring together members of the scientific community from all around Europe, support the next generation of European scientists and strengthen the collective voice of European scientists. We anticipate that the event will attract more than 2000 of Europe’s leading chemical scientists as well as policy makers, students and educators.

Representing more than 160,000 chemists from more than 40 Member Societies and other chemistry related organisations, EuCheMS relies on a unique network of active researchers involved in all the fields of chemistry. Through this network, EuCheMS organises several specialised academic conferences as well as the biannual EuCheMS Chemistry Congress, the European congress of chemical sciences. EuCheMS also promotes the role and image of the chemical sciences among the general public and policy-makers through social media, newsletters and through the organisation of conferences and workshops open to the society.

Through the promotion of chemistry and by providing expert and scientific advice, EuCheMS aims to take part in the solution to today´s major societal challenges.

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