LCB celebrates Wellbeing Month!

As part of our Health & Wellbeing month we are celebrating ‘Event Well Being Week’ #EventWell18, organised by EventWell Ltd which aims to promote a healthier relationship with work. With 1 in 3 event professionals experiencing a period of mental ill health (#EventWell17 research) and a career as an event co-ordinator cited as the fifth most stressful of 2016 (Career Cast 2016) were keen to share some of the top tips by the mental health charity Mind to help improve our physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

Take a look…

Reclaim your lunch time

Why not make the most of that precious hour – or half hour, by organising a picnic, holding a group activity such as a game of rounder’s or football, or take up a challenge such as sponsor walks or marathons and train with colleagues.

Getting the work-life balance right

  • There are times when you need to work overtime to meet deadlines, but try to make this the exception not the norm. Long hours means you may be working harder, but not better – they’ll quickly take their toll on your concentration, productiveness and health.
  • Create clear boundaries between work and home – Try not to let work spill over into your personal life. If you need to bring work home, designate a separate area for work and stick to it, you’ll find it much easier to then close the door on work.
  • Start a To Do list – At the end of each day, go over your list and write up one for the next day, when your thoughts are down on paper, you’ll find it easier to not think about work.
  • Use the time on your commute home to wind down from work – Read a book or listen to your music to set aside some time to yourself. Maybe try cycling part of your journey or getting off a stop early to take a shortcut through a park or quiet streets. These little actions can really help you to switch off.
  • Ask for help – If you feel your workload is spiralling out of control, take opportunity to discuss it with your manager or supervisor. If you can’t resolve the problem of unrealistic goals, organisation problems or deadlines in this way, talk to your personnel department, trade union representative or other relevant members of staff.

Tips from some of our Marketing Liverpool office members!

Jess – “Sometimes going to the gym or boxing either before work or on lunch is a good way to set yourself up for the day and make sure that you aren’t chained to your desk. I also like to take the time to walk to work instead of getting the train which I could easily do, I listen to the radio or a podcast on the walk in “

Joe, “Drink water! It’s the simplest thing to do, has benefits ranging from alertness to skin clarity, and you never feel worse for it. I walk half an hour each way every morning/afternoon and really find it helps me to wake up and get ready for work, and then switch off afterwards”.

Roz – “I’ve downloaded the free Headspace app, it helps me relax in the evenings”

SJ – “Reading a book on my commute helps me switch off before and after work”.

Jenny – “Make time for things you enjoy or take up a new hobby. I enjoy cooking and baking so always try to take some time to do this as often as I can”

Suzanne – “The best things that work for me are to wander around the shops, go for a big long walk in the fresh air, meet friends for a drink or treat myself to a massage!”

Stefan – “I always like to listen to music while on the way to work and on my lunch, as it gives me some space to zone out from the outside world and give myself some ‘me time’.”

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