London to Liverpool – A New Favourite Route

Whether as a conference delegate or event organiser, if you live outside of London, you may have lost count of how many times you have made the trip to London. Though that might be true, new statistics are turning the usual assumption that Liverpool > London route is far more used than London > Liverpool, into a myth.

Virgin Trains have announced their London > Liverpool route is more popular than vice versa

For the first time, more people are getting the train from London to Liverpool than the other way around, which is great news for conference delegates. It’s a fact!

According to a report from Virgin Trains, journeys between Liverpool and London top 1.75m – up 11% year on year. It’s become apparent that this Virgin Trains London > Liverpool service has become crucial to the Liverpool City Region, with 16/17 becoming the first time ever where more Virgin Trains carried more passengers to Liverpool than the capital.

And nothing seems to be stopping the service as we head into 17/18; over 150,000 journeys were already made between London and Liverpool in July, the second highest month on record since Virgin took over this route. Were you one of them?

This continues to be fantastic news for any future conference delegates or organisers set to attend or hold a conference here in Liverpool. The growing availability of £17 fares between Liverpool Lime Street and London Euston has encouraged people to travel by train, and that speaks volumes at a time where public transport costs are assumed to be sometimes pricier.

Having fantastic direct transport links is a major perk when it comes to future event calendars. Being the fifth most visited destination in the UK by overseas tourists, this London > Liverpool service bridges a gap for outside organisations to see Liverpool as a huge contender when it comes to deciding an event destination which ticks all the boxes. After all, transport accessibility is the key to plenty of options, and we are now moving into the forefront of overseas and London-based organisers vision.

If you’re thinking about holding your next conference or event in Liverpool, now’s the perfect time. For more reasons as to why Liverpool could be your perfect event destination, take a look here. Long may the Virgin London > Liverpool service reign!

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