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ICCA is the world’s leading trade association for suppliers of all kinds of goods and services to the international meetings industry. ICCA’s area of expertise is in the international association meetings market.

The ICCA database is highly valued by international meeting planners and the ICCA ranking poses as a key influencer for decision makers determining their meeting destination.

ICCA Rankings are used by associations to understand where the most popular meeting destinations are across the world. The rankings also allow cities to understand how well they are performing in comparison to other regions. ICCA rankings are industry accredited and well respected by the meetings industry.

A high position in the ICCA rankings boosts city reputation and credibility as a meetings destination. This attracts more international meetings to Liverpool, boosting the economic value congresses, meetings and events bring.

Every year we supply ICCA with information about meetings in Liverpool based on the following criteria:

  • Minimum of 50 participants
  • International/European
  • Rotating between at least three countries

If you are holding any meetings which meet this criteria, or you know of any being held in your organisation this year or beyond, please let us know so that it can be captured on the database.

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